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Permanent Residence

Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs and Family Sponsorships

There are many reasons why an individual or a family makes the decision to immigrate to Canada. Many people choose to immigrate to be closer to family and loved ones. Others immigrate to take advantage of economic opportunities that are available in Canada. Many also immigrate just to provide their children with the possibility of a better life with more opportunity. Deciding to immigrate is usually not an easy decision. Discovering how to immigrate can be even more difficult.

Canada offers a variety of avenues for immigrants to apply through to gain permanent resident status. The Government of Canada regulates the number of immigrants that are allowed entry to Canada as permanent residents on an annual basis. This includes regulating the number of immigrants who will be approved in each class of immigration. Permanent residence eligibility criteria as set out by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada change regularly and may impact an immigrants options for immigrating to Canada.

Higher Ground Immigration Services provides services for:

  • Express Entry (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades Program)
  • Family Sponsorships
  • Provincial Nominees

Provincial Nominee Programs

In an effort to allow provinces an opportunity to participate in attracting immigrants to their specific province the Canadian government allows provinces to nominate immigrants that meet certain criteria for permanent residence. A nomination from a province does not guarantee that an immigrants application for permanent residence will be approved. However, gaining a nomination from a province is a significant step towards gaining permanent resident status.

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is Alberta’s solution for supporting economic growth and development within the province. The AINP adjusts its eligibility criteria for provincial nomination for permanent residence regularly and may impact an immigrants options for permanent immigration to Canada.

Admissibility and Misrepresentation

All applicants seeking permanent residence must prove they are admissible to Canada. This includes providing police clearance records, medical reports and disclosing any information related to admissibility in the permanent resident application.

Withholding any information whether intentional or not is misrepresentation and will result in a refusal of your application and a ban from Canada. Misrepresentation on an Express entry application can result in a 5 year ban from Canada.

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After Gaining Permanent Resident Status

After gaining permanent resident status a permanent resident of Canada needs to apply for a permanent resident card within 6 months from their date of landing. A permanent resident card must be obtained prior to leaving Canada as it is required to return to Canada.

Additionally, permanent residents of Canada need to meet their residency requirement which is being physically present in Canada for two years out of every five year period. Higher Ground Immigration Services provides assistance to their clients in maintaining their immigration records to help maintain their permanent resident status.

Permanent Resident Cards

Before you travel ensure that you have a valid permanent resident card. If you card is expired there are still options available to allow you to travel and re-enter Canada. Be sure to contact us regarding this before travel so that your re-entry is a smooth process. We assist with regular processing and expedited renewal processing.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

Occasionally a foreign national will have compelling reasons why they should be awarded permanent resident status, however, for one reason or another, they do not meet the criteria to apply for permanent residence. An application submitted under Humanitarian and Compassionate reasoning allows the Government of Canada to consider the compelling and extraordinary circumstances facing a foreign national and why their application for permanent residence should be processed. Often the best interest of a child that will be heavily impacted by the results of a permanent resident application play a significant role in requesting that an application is assessed with Humanitarian and Compassionate considerations.

Having children although is not a prerequisite for submitting an application requesting Humanitarian and Compassionate consideration. If your case warrants applying under this provision of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act we will assist you with your application under this provision.

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