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Work Permits

Most foreign nationals wanting to work in Canada will find that they require a work permit to work in Canada. There are a number of different work permits that a foreign national may be eligible for through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Qualifying for various work permits can depend on an individuals education, experience, expertise and availability of Canadian workers who may fill the employment need.

Labour Market Impact Assessment based Work Permits

The majority of Canadian employers wishing to hire foreign workers in order to meet their operational needs will need to obtain a positive labour market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Service Canada. Employers need to first attempt to recruit Canadians or Permanent Residents for the position. Only if there are no qualified Canadians or Permanent Residents identified for the position can an application for a LMIA be submitted to Service Canada. Once a positive LMIA is received an application can be submitted for a work permit.

Labour market impact assessments are only valid for 6 months. Employers must have a foreign worker apply for a work permit prior to the expiration of the LMIA. If the LMIA expires the employer will have to submit another LMIA application.

Presently employers must adhere to strict regulations to participate in the Temporary Foreign Worker program. Compliance audits are completed on a regular basis by Service Canada and it is the employers responsibility to maintain all records required by the program in order to remain compliant.

Additional Services Offered

Post-Graduate Work Permit Program
  • Designed for international students who have completed a program of study at a post-secondary school;
  • Students may be eligible for a 3 year work permit depending on the length of their program and their study in Canada;
  • A gateway for becoming eligible to apply for permanent residence through the Canadian Experience Class.
 Open Work Permits
  • Spouses or Common-law partners of skilled workers or international students may qualify for an open work permit.
  • Spouses or Common-law partners of provincial nominees may qualify for an open work permit.
  • Spouses or Common-law partners who are In-Canada family sponsorship applicants may also qualify for an open work permit.

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